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Improve the athlete you are!

  • Train smart
  • PREVENT injuries
  • Extend your athletic performance and life 

5 levels of clinical evidence.

G E T  T O  K N O W  H O W  G E N E T I C S

P E R S O N A L I S E  C O N T R O L  O V E R

I N D I V I D U A L  H E A L T H

Your genes affect many aspects of your health, including

Musculoskeletal injuries and cardiovascular problems  are, respectively, principal reasons leading to athletic disability or even sudden fatality outcomes

At CircaGene we help you to reach excellence in your athletic performance and decreasing the chances of


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What is included?

At CircaGene, we are pioneers in facilitating genetic services with DNA Privacy.

We are the industry's unique leaders in DNA hyper-personalised analysis and Health Data management to implement distinctive patented new encryption for health data.

The current version of the panel includes the risk assessment of the following groups of key conditions affecting sportspeople performance:

• Cardiovascular Risk

• Muscle Profile

• Injury Risk

Your heart is super important to us!

With the information of your DNA, you will receive a tailored action plan with specific recommendations to care also for your heart.

You may be able to reach optimal heart rate faster or you might need more timing of cardio to create a healthy change.

Find out and track your progress to get an optimized heart rate!


Find out based on your genes if you are more likely to excel at sports in power, strength, and endurance.

Your genes influence the ratio of how fast your muscles fibres perform, the resistance to muscular damage. Find out how you can explore your potential and your effectiveness.

As you exercise, the muscles in your body, including your heart, become stronger and more responsive.

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