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CircaGene contributes to the fight against SARS-CoV-2

Protecting Public Health at both population and individual levels is our Mission.

As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, CircaGene announces today that it will provide FREE Capacities and FREE technical support to selected British not-for-profit Health protection organisations that are able to effectively utilise additional resources. Several successive announcements will follow in the coming days.

The first measure announced today Wed 11 March is that we offer a free instrument loan to one selected team: our ultra-portable DNA and RNA Sequencing machine, the ONT MinION, so they can sequence the virus when and where it matters the most, adding to the scientific knowledge, epidemiology of spread and ongoing virus evolution.

Well known and trusted, this device is suitable for both laboratory and field-based sequencing approaches.  It could give additional capacity to those organisations and laboratories already familiar with the device and its utilisation.

We hope that it can be effectively used to diagnose and study the infection (and other co-infections*) in infected patients and to sequence the full genome of the virus to, allowing identification of potential new mutations and epidemiological studies.

Could your organisation make use of additional capacity by accessing this MinION sequencer for free?

Express your interest by Email to before Sunday 15 March at Midnight.  Please provide

·        Identity of your Organisation (3 sentences max describing the organisation and project team members)

·        Project description / How the MinION will add capacity to your ongoing projects (5 sentences max describing the projected use(s)

·        Proposed deliverables (as bullet points, it can be without being limited to- the number of people tested, the number of Genomes you will share with Scientific community, etc)

What is NOT provided: Manpower, samples, reagents, controls/Reference material, samples and FlowCells. Laptop (or MinIT device) to buffer and analyse the data generated.

What IS provided: ONT MinION + USB cable. Online Support for setting-up the experiment and analysing any data generated.

Conditions: Used Only to fight COVID-19, Genomes and individual sequences must be SHARED with Scientific Community as soon as produced through Public sequencing databank EBI: . The Device must be returned to CircaGene Labs in working condition once the pandemic is contained.

 Stay tuned, more to come.

 *read more:

Protocol to sequence SARS-CoV-2:

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in Brazil:

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