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The answer is in your GENES

Who are we?

At CircaGene, we are pioneers in facilitating genetic services with DNA Privacy.

We are the industry's unique leaders in DNA hyper-personalised analysis and Health Data management to implement distinctive patented new encryption for health data.

What do we do?

We save and change lives, through personalised medicine.

We provide DNA analysis that supports better prognosis and treatments, as it is personalised to your specific body, in turn improving patient outcomes.

CircaGene is the most complete genetic analysis, analysing ~100% of your DNA for better accuracy and using unique technological tools to protect your privacy.

How does it work?

Our test kits are all easy-to-use, self-test saliva kits. And they are all sequenced at a certified laboratory.

With your DNA information, you will receive a tailored action plan with specific recommendations to prevent certain health conditions you might have a higher risk of developing, including some types of cancer. 

This plan will also help guide doctors in the decision process of the best therapy and treatment for you.

Why are we different?

Know more about you


Analysis of the entire encyclopaedia of you. Manage your health with so much more precision.

Unique Test in the Industry


First test of it's kind. Backed by the latest scientific research and studies.

Military-grade Encryption


Benefit from unique patented encryption to protect your data and the data of your family. Gold Standard of Genetic Encryption.

Personalized analysis


Next Generation Sequencing and the largest and most advanced genomic center in Europe

Take control of your life

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Genomic tests analyse your DNA information, and calculate the predisposition and risk of diseases caused by the presence of certain genes.

The presence of certain variants affects health, including the likelihood of cancer, and other systemic diseases.

Genomic tests find changes in genes that can cause health problems.

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Compare our DNA Health Tests


Oral Microbiome

  • Analysis of your bacterial DNA
  • Personalised PDF report
  • Educational info about oral Health
  • Access to Online Platform Encrypted DNA results
  • Results in 3-4 weeks


Whole Genome 

  • Analysis of 100% of your Human DNA
  • Personalised recommendations
  • Over 50 reports, including Cancer Health, Health Risk & Disease
  • Results in 4 weeks

Oral Microbiome & Whole Genome

  • All Oral Microbiome Benefits
  • All Whole Genome benefits
  • Results in 4 weeks

Experience the Power of Genomic Insights

Discover the secrets of your DNA with CircaGene's personalized oral health genomic reports, providing you with key insights and tailored guidance for optimal oral health and overall wellness

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We sequence 99.9% of your DNA

CircaGene sequences all (99.9%) of your data ensuring complete and accurate results.

Others analyse less than 1% of your DNA, leading to inaccurate and incomplete results 

Technology you can trust.

Only you have the key to your data.

We are here to help you plan your healthy future.

Technology you can trust

You have the key to your data


I came positive for condition Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HFE-Related). I told about my results: and got a 1-2-1 personalised consultation with a coach that explained that in this condition the body organs accumulates in an excess iron, from excessive intestinal absorption of dietary iron. When I did my test had no symptoms, however now I know that if I don’t change my diet, I have a high risk of organ failure.

Knowing my risk allowed me to change my lifestyle, not taking an iron supplement, not to take Vitamin C supplements as Vitamin C increases iron absorption, reducing my alcohol intake as metabolizing the alcohol can stress an already compromised liver, reducing or limiting iron-rich food. Now I am very happy, proactive, I monitor my iron levels in blood and I am leading a healthier life that I wouldn't know about before.

Thank you CircaGene

- David P.

I came positive for age-related macular degeneration (ARMD).

I told about my results and I got a 1-2-1 personalised consultation with a coach that explained that in my eyes a disease - pigment- prorogues a gradual deterioration of light-sensing cells in the tissue at the back of my eye that detect light and colours.

Changing habit like stop smoking, as smoking increases my chances of developing by two to fivefold.  I was explained that retina has a high rate of oxygen consumption, anything that affects oxygen delivery to the retina may affect vision, Smoking causes oxidative damage which may contribute the development and progression of my condition.

I just stopped smoking, I was advised to wear sunglasses and hats if possible when outdoors. To get eye exams and consult an eye doctor if I notice changes. Put a light filter in screens and my devices. Following all this action plan I have a high chance of not losing my vision by the time I am 60.

I am now informed, and I monitor my vision to lead a better quality life.

Thank you I totally recommend CircaGene

-Joel P.

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